The healing properties of gemstones – honey calcite

So as to exploit the recuperating properties of gemstones and precious stones, the subject must be loose, quiet and with a reasonable head. It is now and then a smart thought to exercise or complete a type of physical work before beginning. The subject should then unwind and concentrate the brain on the internal identity. It is additionally essential to have something to eat and drink with the goal that a feeling of harmony wins during the session. Before starting the ‘gemstone treatment’ the subject should initially turn out to be completely loosened up utilizing unwinding methods. It is ideal to in an obscured room and complete breathing activities for five or ten minutes there ought to be no commotion or outside obstruction during the treatment session.

The accompanying cures are prescribed utilizing the related gemstones or gems laid out either as a treatment session or basically at the hour of hitting the hay around evening time:


Amethyst is a valuable gemstone for the treatment of migraines as it liberates blocked energies. The subject should rests and spots an amethyst on the temple. Amethysts ought to be set on the two sides of the neck simply over the neckline bone. Inside five or ten minutes the torment should start to die down.

honey calcite

A sleeping disorder

A sleeping disorder can produce for various reasons and certain stone precious stone can be gainful in reestablishing typical resting designs. It is a smart thought to hit the sack around evening time with a bit of Chrysoprase under the subjects pad. Then again on the off chance that the restlessness is because of stress, at that point amethyst or citrine ought to be utilized. The patient may basically wish to hit the hay holding these stones in the palm of the hand. On the off chance that the subject’s rest is upset every night by bad dreams, at that point it is ideal to utilize a stone like tourmaline or laborite.


Vitality levels are sapped when there is a lopsidedness of the framework. Certain gemstones and precious stones will reestablish the balance and increment vitality levels. The stones generally valuable in reestablishing vitality and essentialness are Rubies, golden and jasper. The subject should lie on their back and spot these stones in each hand and one at the base of the sun oriented plexus.


Kunzite is an alluring pale pink stone and it has great mending properties equipped for removing psychological weight. The utilization of Rhodochrosite will assist with advancing a superior mental self view and self-esteem while Rose Quartz will have an unequivocal quieting and consoling impact.


Period torments can frequently be facilitated with the utilization of honey calcite. The subject should lie on their back and spot one stone at the highest point of the head, one at the front of each shoulder and one on every hip.